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Battle Royale - 3.75" figure series

Image of Battle Royale - 3.75" figure series



Many strange combatants will enter the resin Battle Royale, but only one bloody champion will emerge victorious! Put your money down on your favorite competitor, or roll the dice on a mystery entrant for even more brutal drama!

Inspired by my love for pro wrestling battle royal's and the Sucklord's legendary REJECTS line, this series is like a resin sketchbook for me. Taking advantage of my built up catalog of silicone molds, I can chase down weird figure ideas and bring them to life without committing to a big run. As a result, each figure is a unique creation that won't be exactly duplicated, and comes hand painted with full magnetic articulation.

On top of that, I'm giving you two options for buying these: $35 and you get to select whichever character that you'd like from the available selection, or if you prefer a little mystery in your wrestlers, spend only $20 for the MYSTERY FIGURE option and get a random Battle Royale entrant sent your way, which might include one from the available list or a completely new creation not otherwise available!

I'm trying something different with this series, but don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions / suggestions / requests.

Hand made in Sacramento, CA.